About Us

Trans Continent has been a beacon for the Qatari exhibition industry since its inauguration in 2004, quickly winning acclaim for the creation and organization of the most important annual real estate investment exhibition in the region.  We now play a crucial role in several relevant exhibitions and help local and international companies expand their projects and investments across Qatar, the GCC and the world.

Trans Continent works in partnership with global companies, investors and government to ensure record attendances at all our events. We create the connections to build sustainable, continuous growth in industry, real estate and construction for Qatar and the Gulf in general.

Mission and Vision


To deliver world-class exhibitions and conferences in Qatar, connecting local and international investors, multinational companies, developers, government entities and SME's.


To be the best exhibitions and conferences company in the GCC and the first choice for co-operation partners in other parts of the world.


We have time-honoured expertise to:

-          Establish, organize and produce successful exhibitions and events

-          Provide a comprehensive range of exhibition services to all exhibitors

-          Offer a choice of different stand sizes and designs

-          Formulate full marketing and PR solutions to all exhibitors,  if needed

-          Promote our exhibitions and events in relevant major publications

-          Create platform for international and local businesses to connect