Why you should be at the International Exhibition for Small & Medium Industries / QATAR SME

The exhibition aims to collect innovative ideas for the establishment of industrial entities that serve the community and provide employment opportunities as well as database configuration for everyone interested in the revitalization of industries, whether they are pioneers, idea owners, financiers or career-focused youth.

Additionally, the exhibition aims to create networking opportunities between decision-makers, researchers and producers to create an integrated industrial environment for meaningful engagement.

The exhibition will introduce a range of projects that serve and promote the broader industry sector as well as many ideas that focus on benefiting the industrial manufacturing sector in the State of Qatar. The exhibition is strengthened by the presence of government and banking sectors to potentially finance emerging industries.

A key objective of the event is to help create the mechanisms and systems to support this sector at large, since SMI/SMEs play a critical role in stimulating the economy, reducing unemployment and increasing the rate of innovation and creativity.

Qatar has adopted an approach of diversifying national income sources, which includes the building of a strong industrial production base. This will lead to balanced economic growth, independent of the oil export revenues that currently function as the major source of income. This local industrial growth objective also aims to reduce the need to import industrial goods.

The mission to strengthen the operational and services sector, while being the responsibility of owners of small and medium industrial enterprises, is supported and encouraged by government institutions, decision-makers and the banking sector. Accordingly, the State of Qatar provides a comprehensive range of financial and non-financial support services to SMEs.


International Exhibition for Small & Medium Industries / QATAR SME Visitor Profile
  • Decision-makers & senior officials

  • Factory owners and manufacturers

  • Local and regional agents

  • Suppliers and exporters

  • Industrial press

  • Maintenance and equipment engineers

  • Mechanical engineers

  • Advisory offices

  • Academic researchers

  • Suppliers of tools

  • Steel manufacturers

  • Anyone interested in, or thinking of starting, a small-to-medium size business


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